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Welcome to the Orpheus II Sound Card homepage.

Orpheus II is a PC ISA 16bit soundcard , aimed for DOS usage.

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The Orpheus II is a greatly upgraded Orpheus I souncard:

More info and development log can be found on VOGONS forum, in the Orpheus II thread.
Please also check the Orpheus I homepage for more info as both cards use the same CS-4237 audio controller.

Jumper Settings:

PCMIDI Resources Control

P - jumper closed = port 330 , open = port 300
3,5,7,2 = select *one* IRQ for use
defaults shown: port 330 and IRQ2 selected

MIDI Signal Routing Control (to allow a dual-mpu setup)

If PCMIDI is installed and you also activate CS4237 MPU device you can select which MPU device controls each port. Move jumper to position 1+2 (for PCMIDI) or 2+3 (for CS4237) to select MPU.
J2 = Wavetable Connector
J3 = Joystick Connector
J4 = MIDI Out Connector
defaults shown: all ports controlled by PCMIDI MPU

PCMIDI MPU interface info:

If you want to find out more about the PCMIDI MPU part then please visit the PCMIDI Homepage

Driver downloads:

Orpheus II DOS drivers consists of 2 parts for now:
a. Orphinit that will initialize the CS4237 part
b. official Gravis UltraSound PnP or UniSound drivers that will initialize the GUS part

DOS: Orphinit 0.57ß version released, download HERE .

Please test this new version and give feedback / bug reports either directly to Edro or Leo
or more preferably post directly in the official ORPHINIT thread over at VOGONS forum. Thanks!

Several bug fixes and improvements
Added support for the Orpheus II (LT) boards

DOS/win3x: Gravis UltraSound PnP driver download HERE .

DOS: Gravis UltraSound PnP PREINSTALLED driver v.2 download HERE .
This package is meant to be used under a pure DOS environment (and not for DOS-under-win9x) and includes the following pre-installed items :
latest Gravis UltraSound PnP DOS drivers
UltraSound Classic compatible patch set
UltraSound PnP 4MB patch set
Gravis sample midi files
UltraMID driver
Please read the ORPHEUS2.TXT in the archive for more info.

DOS/win3x/win9x/winNT: Gravis UltraSound PnP driver floppy images download HERE .

Gravis UltraSound PnP CD image download HERE (VOGONSdrivers mirror HERE ) .

DOS: UltraMID v1.12, download HERE .

OrpheusII Windows9x drivers consists of 3 parts:
a. OrpheusII Win9x driver for the CS4237/YMF289 parts
b. official Gravis UltraSound PnP for the GUS part
c. PCMIDI driver

Windows 9x: Orpheus II driver (CS-4237/OPL3), download HERE.

Driver is based on the last Crystal CS4237 driver version PV2860.
Just extract archive to a directory and when asked about CS4237B drivers point Windows to said directory.

Windows 9x: Gravis UltraSound PnP driver v2.2 (latest) download HERE .

Windows 9x: PCMIDI driver
PCMIDI related files/drivers are located HERE .

it is recommended to just use the built-in MPU-401 driver that Windows 3x/9x offer

(alternatively you can install one of the drivers found in the PCMIDI website linked above if you want their
extra functionality like multiport mpu but keep in mind these are mainly for windows-only usage with midi sequencers
so no guarantee how they will behave running DOS applications under windows for example).

Remember that the onboard PCMIDI MPU-401 interface is not a PnP device and needs to be added manually
to the system if you are not making a fresh install from scratch.

Gravis game patches & info links:

Official AMD InterWave game patch information webpage 04/02/1997 mirror

How to use Gravis UltraSound with Tomb Raider

The Gravis UltraSound Archives



more to come...

How to order it:

Before ordering the Orpheus II please keep in mind that this is a piece of hardware for advanced users.

It requires knowledge about how to effectively use the Gravis UltraSound PnP soundcard, some effort and games patching to make Classic GUS software compatible with it and on top you will have to juggle a 3in1 card: PCMIDI + CS4237 Soundcard + GUS PnP so good IRQ/DMA resource management is expected.
This is not a warning to deter people from ordering but a warning of what to expect: you will face the same situations as with having an original GUS PnP card + a main soundcard + a MPU-401 interface installed togethere in a system.

06-FEB-23: Batch #1 of Orpheus II has been sold out! Thank you for your ongoing support!
You can still fill the form for the upcoming batch #2 that will be ordered in production factory in the next week or so!

Please fill this order form HERE - treat it as a non-paying pre-order , once a card is ready for you we will
contact you about payment info. Be careful to enter your email correctly so we can contact you back!

Price per card is 340eur if paid via paypal "friends and family" (or 370eur if you prefer to pay via "goods and services") .
Price includes worldwide registered airmail shipping.

Be advised that these are the only email addresses that will contact you about a purchase (either Edro or Leo depending on availability) :


Just contact us! We'll be happy to help and resolve any issue you might have!

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