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PCMIDI is an ISA 8-bit Midi Interface that is fully compatible with the Roland MPU-401 standard so it offers both "Intelligent" and "UART" modes of operation. It is the perfect companion for your retro-PC in order to enjoy MT-32 games without having to worry about incompatibilities or drivers or TSR layers.

With it's WaveTable header it completely surpasses the SoundBlaster-like MPU interfaces in main soundcards- just let PCMIDI handle all midi jobs and you are set!

Currently in it's 3rd hardware revision with a black pcb dubbed "Dreamblaster Edition".

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January 15 2022 news:
PCMIDI is still out of stock.
We are currently working on making the next batch but sadly due to the parts and shipping increased prices we are forced to also increase the price of PCMIDI.
It will be again 125eur per unit - as always this includes shipping.
Please stay tuned for availability updates !

September 2020 news:

Orpheus Soundcard is now ready and can be ordered/preordered using the PCMIDI form, please visit the WIP Orpheus website for more info.

ps. just in case you were wondering what kind of weird name Orpheus is: wikipedia link :)

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