A clone of the PC ISA Action Replay card

What is it?

This is a clone of the ISA 8bit ACTION REPLAY card for IBM PCs and Compatibles.
(system requirements according to the manual are a 286/386/486 system but it will also
work fine with most Pentium 1 systems as well)

You can do various nifty hackery/cheating things with it, a good start to know more about it is this
LGR Video Review of the original card (ofcourse the ACTION REWIND is exactly the same
hardware-wise but comes preloaded with the newer and more advanced firmware)









(click on pics for larger version)

Please check this
VOGONS thread for more pictures and information.




Manual: download here
Drivers English version: download here
Drivers German version: download here


I get this error on boot, what is wrong with my AR?

A. Nothing is wrong, this is expected behavior if you have the switch on the Control Board
to ON position (or if you have the button pressed continuously pressed during boot).
AR firmware does a check on boot and reqires both switch and button to be in the OFF position.
Move the switch to the left side as shown in the diagram below and reboot to fix this "issue".


How to order:

Please fill the form linked
HERE to enter the purchase queue.

Price for each card including registered worldwide airmail shipping is:
110e if paid via PayPal "friends and family" or IBAN/Revolut transfer
- or - 120e if paid via PayPal goods

Each card comes fully assembled with a stainless steel bracket, the remote control board & 180cm cable.
Everything you need to use the card except the software/manual is in the box.

Cards are made on demand after payment so please allow up to 5 working days for shipping.

August-2023 news:

Depending on the queue some small batch might be made in the near future,
thank you all for your support!!!

June-2023 news:

A new batch of Action Rewind cards is in the works!

Aug-2022 news:

Action Rewind is now sold out!

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