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What is it?

ARGUS is an advanced clone of the classic GRAVIS ULTRASOUND PnP soundcard that is made
by user shock__ and distributed now as a DIY project for the EU region from this page.

You can read more on the ARGUS project on this lenghty VOGONS thread.

What do I get with this DIY kit?

You will get a high quality PCB with an original AMD INTERWAVE chip that is the brains of the UltraSound PnP card.
You have the option to have the INTERWAVE chip pre-soldered on your PCB - or not.
There is no extra soldering fee, the option is there for the people that want to do all soldering by themselves.

In order to have a complete card you will need to acquire all other needed parts, everything is detailed in
the "ARGUS_final_doc.zip" file that is found in this post.
The .zip file contains all needed documentation such as partlist, component map, BOM, installation notes and useful
programs to make an operational ARGUS soundcard.

(click on image for larger version)

You will basically get the a PCB with the Interwave chip just like in the above photo, nothing less
nothing more. The PCB will be of the last revision of the ARGUS design - so there could be some
differences due to improvements.

11-05-2022 update:
InterWave chips soldered and packages made

10-05-2022 update:
InterWave chips received and work began soldering them and preparing packages
I estimate everything will be shipped until Friday

29-04-2022 update:
PCBs received and Interwave chips are shipped and en route

(click on image for larger version)

How to order

Project is now retired!

Please go to VOGONS Argus thread for the freely available
gerber files to make your own! Thanks shock__ !!!

Contact info

keropi at VOGONS forum

Thanks for visiting!!!

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