Here you can download the original PCMIDI utilities and manual as well as the newer version quick setup guide.

Keep in mind no drivers are needed for DOS.
Windows 3.x , 9x and ME include the "Roland MPU-401" driver which works perfectly with PCMIDI and it's recommended to use it.

There are alternative drivers listed below that offer more features but they are aimed for serious usage under windows environment, there is no guarantee they will behave well in other situations.

  Original PCMIDI manual

  Original PCMIDI utilities disk image and files (for historical reasons)

  New PCMIDI Quick Setup Guide (all you really need!)

 DB9 break out schematic for male MIDI cables (courtesy of Stefan A.)

  All of the above files in a single package

 Windows 9x/ME MPU-401 MultiPort drivers
(gets rid of "this device is used by another application" message)

  Roland MPU-401 driver for Windows 3.1 & Windows 9x
(works correctly in situations where there is stuck notes issue under windows)


User-made game patches:

These are patches made by users and getting added as they get released/discovered.
They are mainly patches that fix games locked resources or bugs and they usable by every MPU out there not just PCMIDI.
If you know any that should be added to this list please contact Leo so they can be mirrored here.

Patches made by kykypyza

These patches remove the IRQ2/9-only restriction in the following games:
A-10 Tank Killer (pre-v1.5, DOS)
David Wolf
Innocent Until Caught
It Came from the Desert
Princes Maker
Princess Maker 2

Patches made by ripsaw8080

The following patches fix music playback when using a Music Quest PCMIDI:
Bioforge ver.f1.01
Bioforge ver.f1.02s
Frontier : Elite II floppy/CD