We don't have an online shop or anything automated like that - PCMIDI is just
a project of 2 guys working in different countries. PCMIDI has been selling like
this since 2015 - currently we are at the 3rd hardware revision - and most likely
the last one since the design is updated enough and now uses a CPLD to replace
discrete logic.

So if you want to order you can just contact us by filling correctly (especially the
email field!) this Contact Form or by visiting the PCMIDI page on our good friend
over at www.serdashop.com (you might want to also get some Dreamblaster
wavetable board to match with your new dreamblaster version PCMIDI :D )

There is now a new item in the "Product" dropdown list that can be used to
order the new Orpheus Soundcard.
Please read more on this option HERE.
This is just a temporary solution until a dedicated site can be made. Thanks!

January 15 2022 news:
PCMIDI is still out of stock.
We are currently working on making the next batch but sadly due to the parts and shipping increased prices we are forced to also increase the price of PCMIDI.
It will be again 125eur per unit - as always this includes shipping.
Please stay tuned for availability updates !

We also use eBay and amibay.com for PCMIDI sales, you might come across our
listings while stock lasts.

Currently each PCMIDI sells for a total of 110eur when ordered direcly via the
contact form - price includes worldwide registered airmail shipping.