8330   NT  PnP  install

NT4.0 PnP/full-duplex drivers installation notes

1. How to activate NT4.0 PnP functions?

If your NT4.0 system PnP functions are inactive, you can use Windows 
explorer to find PNPISA.INF (it should be in NT4.0 CD directory \DRVLIB\
PNPISA\X86). Select it and press mouse right button. Select 'Setup' 
item, NT4.0 system PnP functions will activate, and the system will 
ask you to reboot the PC.

2. How to remove old audio drivers?

If you have installed the old audio NT4.0 drivers, please remove WSS 
device in 'Audio Devices' of 'Advanced' page of 'Multimedia'. Shut 
down system to DOS, change directory to NT subdirectory INF, then 
search OEM*.INF files, delete our INF file. Delete all of old audio 
drivers in SYSTEM32 and SYSTEM32\DRIVERS subdirectory. Then reboot the
PC, NT system will automatically detect our audio adapter (If not, 
please activate NT PnP functions first!), please follow those steps 
described later to install drivers.

3. First time installation

If you have installed an all-new NT4.0 system, and NT PnP functions 
default is active, then NT system will automatically detect our audio 
adapter. The PnP device that NT system detects will show on the screen, 
please press 'OK' button, NT system will install drivers. Repeat the 
above steps until all of PnP device drivers are installed.