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08 Dec 2023 news: MK8330 cards are SOLD OUT - both green and "last batch" black versions.
Project will now move to the "retired section" , service/support will still be available
but no new cards are planned currently as we have depleted our chip stock.
Thank you all for your ongoing support!

What is it?

MK8330 is an ISA Sound Card based on the CMI8330 sound controller chip.

The chip's main features are:

 Sound Blaster 16/PRO/2.0 and AdLib compatible

 Windows Sound System ver 2.0 compatible

 Microsoft Direct Sound 3D DirectX 5.0 compatible (HRTF 3D Positional Audio)

 Hardware auto switch between WSS and SB16

 Internal OPL3 synthesizer emulator (OPL3 clone that is close to 1:1 to the original)

 Digital audio SPDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface) Input/Output
(due to chip design *only* PCM/FM and DIGITAL-IN are outputted from the S/PDIF port)

 Full Duplex 16-bits CODEC

 Sound Blaster 16/PRO Mixer and Windows Sound System Mixer compatible

 MIDI port - compatible with MPU-401 UART mode and Sound Blaster MIDI mode

 Dual channel GAME port. (Support Microsoft Game-Pad up to 8 ports)

 Five software select DMA lines (0, 1, 3, 5, 7)

 Six software select interrupt lines (5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12)

 Driver support for: Windows 3.1x/9x/NT , DOS and OS/2 Warp 3.0

  Please check out the MK8330 review made by ctrl-alt-rees
for a more in-depth look on the card !

... you can read more on the MK8330 VOGONS thread

MK8830 Jumper Settings

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 Dynamic type microphone ON/OFF


MIDI OUT Routing block

Allows the configuration of which MPU device controls which MIDI port.
When PCMIDI addon is installed a dual MPU setup can be created.

J4 = Gameport MIDI OUT
J5 = Wavetable Header
J6 = MIDI OUT Jack

Jumper installed in positions 1+2 : port controlled by CMI8330 MPU
Jumper installed in positions 2+3 : port controlled by PCMIDI MPU

All 3 MIDI connections (wavetable/jack/gameport) can be used at the same time with every possible combo of CMI/PCMIDI MPU for them.

default setting shown: all ports controlled by CMI8330 MPU

 J1 & J3 headers
 optional PCMIDI addon daughterboard connections

MK8830 Driver Downloads

Below are the released drivers for the CMI8830/HT1869V+ sound controller.
This is a direct copy from CMI's driver page for the 8830 , locally mirrored here.

For the PCMIDI MPC010 addon board please refer to the PCMIDI Files Section page.

CMI8330 Released Drivers

Chip Model Drivers Type Version Number Download Date Size(Bytes) Release Notes
CMI8330 /
Win 95/98/ME 2.0 03/03/2000 3,762K Readme
WIN98 1.64 03/24/1999 3,783k Readme
win95 1.64 03/25/1999 3,774k Readme
Windows2000/ME (WDM) 4.17 02/26/2000 25K
Win NT 4.0 (non-PnP) 1.0 08/19/97 363K Readme
NT 4.0 PnP/Full-duplex 1.0 04/08/98 461K Readme
DOS/Win31 1.2 07/02/98 678K Readme
OS/2 1.0 07/02/98 118K



notes below


C-MEDIA win9x/ME driver note:

The new CMI8330 Win 95/98 drivers ver2.0(beta) modify DirectSound driver structures for games compatibility. If there is any sound problem occurs in games, please try to set playback device to "SB16 playback" in Multimedia of Control Panel. In general, this device gets better compatibility.


CMISPK speaker passthough volume control program

After CMMIX is run under DOS the speaker passrthrough is muted - as per C-MEDIA's design. However CMISPK was created to restore the speaker output after CMMIX is run for users that need speaker passthrough active under DOS.
Usage is simple, CMISPK can be used with a parameter of 0, 1, 2 or 3
0 is mute and 3 is max level output for the speaker passthrough.


Recommended CMMIX settings:

3D Surround:
SB Mixer Emu :


PCMIDI addon downloads

Please visit the PCMIDI Website for downloads and info!

DIP switch settings , click on image for full version.

Death Rally v1.1 patch for CMI8330 , made by Jurgen
solves a SB16 mode game driver issue, more info in MKRALLY.TXT


Day of the Tentacle floppy v1.5 patch for CMI8330 , made by Jurgen
solves speed issues with fast machines, more info in DOTT8330.TXT


09-July-2022 : Unisound 0.78b released with support for the CMI8330 chip!
Be sure to use the latest Unisound version that has improved CMI8330 support.

Full release notes HERE - snippet of relevant notes to the MK8330 below:

Fixed CMI card mixer to disable 3D spatial effect by default.

Added support for 3D sound on some cards that support it. Option: /X3Dn
CMI8330A: Sensaura HRTF 3D Positional audio ON (n = 1) or OFF (n = 0)

Added eXtended option to control Output Gain / Loudness on some
compatible cards. Option is /XXGn ('n' value depends on the supported card):
* CMI8330: Loudness ON (n = 1) or OFF (n = 0)

As always Unisound can be downloaded from the official VOGONS release thread

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