8330   NT  install

CMI8330 Sound Card NT Drivers Disk Note
Please read the user manual before installation.

* for Windows NT 4.0 drivers installation
1. Press "Start" button.
2. Move highlight bar to "Settings" and select "Control Panel".
3. Double click on "Multimedia" icon.
4. Select "Devices" page.
5. Press "Add..." button.
6. Select item "Unlisted or Updated Driver" in "List of Drivers" list box.
7. Specfy path of CMI8330 Sound Card NT drivers.(ex: A:\NT)
8. Select item "C-Media CM8330" and press "OK" button.
9. Choose proper I/O or "OK" button for default setting.
10. Please restat Windows NT system.

* for Windows NT 4.0 utilities installation
Run file "NTSETUP.EXE" in directory to start installation.