8330    95  install


* for Windows 95 installation

1. Make sure that your Windows 95 system is setup completed.
2. Turn off power and plug in sound card then turn on power.
3. Windows 95 will auto detect your sound card and ask drivers
disk. Insert the disk,Windows 95 will auto setup PnP drivers
and enter Windows 95 system. Now, you can hear the Windows
starting sound. If not,please run UINSTDRV.EXE to uninstall
PnP device drivers and reboot Windows 95 to install again.
4. Press Start button and select run item. Typing your drivers
disk path and SETUP (ex. A:\SETUP) to install sound card
Windows applications.

1. The DOS mode MPU-401 emulator uses WSS mode to output, so
please select SB16 mode as waves (voice) output device.
2. Please notice the I/O resource of DOS mode MPU-401 emulator in
'System' of 'Control Panel'. Select same I/O resource as I/O
port of MPU-401 General MIDI in DOS games or applications.
3. Because we use two devices (SB16 & WSS) to perform full-
duplex functions, some applications will detect the sound card
not a full-duplex one. Please make sure that the playback 
device is set to "Sound System Playback" and the record device
is set to "SB16 Record" in "Multimedia" of "Control Panel", 
the item "Use preferred devices only" must also be marked.
In IPhone 5.0, even when you select the playback and record 
devices to different ones, still the system will detects the 
card as being not full-duplex. Even so, you have to set the 
devices to different ones to enable the full-duplex functions.
In fact, the full-duplex functions still work in this way.
4. A3D interface is available only when the playback device is set 
to "Sound System Playback" in "Multimedia" of "Control Panel".
5. If you want to run games in Windows 95 DOS box or shut down to
DOS, you don't have to install DOS drivers. But, If you want to
run games in pure DOS enviroment, please press 'F8' key and
select 'COMMAND PROMPT ONLY' to enter DOS during booting to
install DOS drivers only (don't specify windows directory).