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Welcome to the Orpheus 2 LT Sound Card homepage.
Currently this page serves as a quick order page for the limited black Orpheus2 LT release.
Orpheus 2LT is a PC ISA 16bit soundcard , aimed for DOS usage.

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The Orpheus 2 LT is an upgraded OrpheusI souncard and as such the main features are the same:

More info and development log can be found on VOGONS forum, in the OrpheusII thread.
Please also check the OrpheusI homepage for more info as both cards use the same CS-4237 audio controller.

29-JAN-2023 OrpheusII (LT) Windows9x drivers released, download HERE .

Driver is based on the last Crystal CS4237 driver version PV2860.
Just extract archive to a directory and when asked about CS4237B drivers point Windows to said directory.

Black OrpheusII LT boards need a firmware update which has been mailed to the few owners of these boards.

Remember that the onboard PCMIDI MPU-401 interface is not a PnP device and needs to be added manually
to the system if you are not making a fresh install from scratch. PCMIDI related files/drivers are located HERE .

19-JAN-2023 Orphinit 0.57ß version released, download HERE .

Please test this new version and give feedback / bug reports either directly to Edro or Leo
or more preferably post directly in the official ORPHINIT thread over at VOGONS forum. Thanks!

Several bug fixes and improvements
Added support for the OrpheusII LT boards

Notes when using witth the "Limited Black Edition" OrpheusII LT boards:

How to order it:

29 Nov 2022: Orpheus 2LT limited Black Edition is now sold out!

Please fill this order form HERE - treat it as a non-paying pre-order , once a card is ready for you we will contact you about
payment info. Be careful to enter your email correctly so we can contact you back!

Be advised that these are the only email addresses that will contact you about a purchase (either Edro or Leo depending on availability) :


Just contact us! We'll be happy to help and resolve any issue you might have!

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